eHarmony’s 1st wedding had been John and Vicki Vystrcil, from Frisco, TX. The groundbreaking few was married in 2001 and additionally they’ve already been heading strong ever since. Using more than ten years of expertise and a track record such as that, its secure to say that eHarmony knows a thing or two about holy matrimony.

If tying the knot is on your resolutions listing this present year, sandwiched between investing less time watching your own phone plus time on StairMaster during the gymnasium, eHarmony has actually revealed various essential ideas collected during their decade+ history. eHarmony requested the married people to detail their experience with the service in a recent study and created their own replies into a written report. The report, called eHarmony maried people because of the data Facts, requested essential questions about the web based matchmaking experience:

How much time does it take to satisfy your spouse on eHarmony?

  • 71per cent of females fulfill their own spouse within per year
  • 69per cent of men fulfill their own spouse within a year

the length of time can it take from when you will be matched up whenever you marry?

  • The median time from the time men and women are matched up to if they marry is 1.8 many years

How far aside do you realy live?

  • The median length at that time partners were coordinated was actually 20.2 kilometers

Exactly who initiates communication first?

  • 53% of that time, guys started initial communication
  • However, women become more expected to initiate interaction as they age
  • Women in their particular 70s initiated one interaction 55.8percent of the time

What’s the get older distinction?

  • On average, husbands are 2.39 years older than their unique spouses

what is the education amount?

  • above 70percent of women and men are university informed or higher

This current year, eHarmony provides some thing unique in your mind to celebrate the winning matches. The matchmaking solution intends to deliver seven associated with above 600,000 married couples who discovered really love on the webpage are element of their float entitled eternal fancy when you look at the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade. The partners opted for to showcase their particular love and inspire other people who continue to be searching for it is going to drive alongside the Grammy award-winning star Natalie Cole, as she sings the woman hit (and eHarmony industrial motif song) “this is” down the procession course.

The Vystrcils are going to be accompanied about drift by some other noteworthy eHarmony partners, including several exactly who partnered if they were 75 years old, a couple which appeared on an eHarmony industrial in 2012, and a couple exactly who formed a real-life Brady Bunch.

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